Soup Season


The Autumnal Equinox arrived in a gentle rain last night here in southeastern Montana. It’s the start of soup season, and I love the time I spend in the kitchen cubing and dicing and chopping ingredients for whatever will sit in the big pot on the stove chattering its lid until I lift it and let some steam out.

For some time I’ve been thinking of doing a second Teeny-Tiny book. The logical choice was a counting book, and a week ago I began writing out some ideas. The hot summer weather had already begun to give way to cooler days and even cooler nights. My husband moved all the plants in their pots from the front porch back to the school library, and Friday we received the first rainy day we’d had in months.

I started thinking about making soup.

One big pot.

Two potatoes.

Three carrots…

And suddenly I had a warm and cozy vision for Teeny-Tiny 1-2-3.

This autumn, may you gather with friends in a snug kitchen with a pot of something scrumptious simmering on the stove. Happy Equinox!