Words and Pictures


I have just finished building the book dummy for Zando with InDesign. Celebration time!

My favorite part is adding the story text to the rough drawings. Though I have planned space for the words within the drawings, I always find places to adjust.

This usually means cutting words. There’s no need to write, “Marcato curled up on the hearthrug,” when the picture shows the dog doing just that. And eliminating those six words helps me stay below the 700-word limit recommended for a picture book.

I’d love to think I’d done everything right, but it always pays to go over the dummy multiple times. Just this morning, I realized I had forgotten to blacken-in the upright leg of the capital “D” on the drawing for the book’s cover. I fixed the original and re-scanned it. I had also skipped a whole block of text on one page. And yesterday I noticed I’d flipped one image the wrong way when I’d scanned it.

Next on my agenda is to choose two double-page spreads and create the final art. I am going to try a collage approach, something entirely new for me.

Adventures await!