“Coffee and Tea” surprised me when I came across it in a compendium of Mother Goose rhymes. I had never heard the rhyme before, even though it would make a dandy jump rope jingle.

I was never much good at jumping rope during recess. I practiced at home, but froze under the pressure of an audience of my peers.  We had some world-class jumpers at Meadowlark Elementary.

I haven’t jumped anything in years, now, unless you count the (thankfully) dead snake I skipped over on a walk in the hills a while back.

It reminded me of the time my cousin Matt and I were stomping through snowdrifts in the borrow pit west of his house after kindergarten one January afternoon. He was ahead of me, making deep indentations with his heavy snowmobile packs. He lifted his boot and there was a snake curled up in the print.

I can tell you with authority that kindergarten boys scream just as loudly as kindergarten girls.

We sprinted all the way back, shed our outerwear in his porch, and collapsed in the living room. Neither of us could read yet, but that didn’t stop Matt from getting the “S” volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica off the shelf.

“Let’s look it up.”

He thumbed through pages while I watched.

“There it is!” He pointed to a black and white photo.

“It’s a snow-snake.”

I was mightily impressed.

In case you were wondering how I got from coffee and tea to snow-snakes, I’ll just say that I have probably had too much coffee this morning.

Plus, I just stopped by Miles City’s newest coffee-shop/bakery/art-making space, “Spoon Full,” where my painting “Coffee and Tea” along with four other Mother Goose originals, is on display through the end of the month.

Have a lovely, caffeinated morning and remember: watch your step.