Recent Story-Paintings

“Zadie” is my 130th story painting.


Commissioned by her great grandmother, Zadie’s painting features my first zebra,

though hers is the sixth Z-name I have done in the past 27 years.

I’ve been watching train videos of Switzerland, and so “Zurich” came to mind immediately.

  This beautiful cathedral clock tower is a landmark of that city.

I’ve always loved the word “zeppelin,” though I am not fond of zucchini.

And I was surprised to find out that “zazzle”–the name of the print-on-demand company I use–

is an actual adjective, closely related to “dazzling!”


“Abram” is my 128th story painting.

Commissioned by his parents, Abram’s painting features one of my all-time favorite characters,

the inept amateur archaeologist, Alonzo.  Initially, I resisted using alligators,

but Alonzo insisted on coming to goofy life on my drawing pad. 

As for Madam Akiko, I had no idea she was a Japanese emigre to the Amazon

until her hairstyle appeared!  Abram’s painting is only

the third or fourth vertically-oriented story painting.



“Cooper” is the 126th story-painting, and only the second to feature chinchillas.

I love painting snow and crazy Christmas sweaters, and I thought these little guys needed something warm after

their chilly ride down the mountain.  I don’t actually know if chinchillas like cashews

in their cocoa, but I’m guessing they do!