Recent Story-Paintings

“Elliana” is my 139th Story-Painting

Elliana’s grandmother told me that she loves hippos,

and that her nursery is decorated with a woodland fairy theme,

so I decided to combine the two.

Lately, I’ve been listening to classical music while I paint,

and once I found the word “etude,” this musical scene emerged.

As soon as I thought of having the notes in bubbles,

the whole image sprang to life.

“Elise” is my 138th Story-Painting


Elise’s mother told me that Elise LOVES lions.

I immediately imagined a regal lion as a King, so when I

began scouring my Dad’s old dictionary under “e,”

I kept that royal lion in mind.

While researching flowers, butterflies, and insects to add

to the background, I found edelweiss,

evening primrose, and euphorbia,

and before I knew it, a formal estate garden grew up.

As a child, I always loved illustrations in which one of

the characters is beckoning you into the picture.

“Fynn” is my 137th Story-Painting


Fynn’s grandmother taught at the small country school where

I was the aide many years ago.  That school is where I started

making art for kids–usually for the bulletin board near the drinking fountain.

She told me that Fynn’s nursery has a woodsy theme, and that

this baby is already a BIG fan of being in water.

I’ve always loved the word “flotilla,” so the idea for some

field-mice sailing boats they had cobbled together from

whatever they could find appealed to me.

Since this was only the second “F” name I’ve ever done,

I jumped into that section of the dictionary eagerly!