Recent Story-Paintings

“Miranda” is my 133rd Story-Painting.


Baby Miranda lives in Colombia, and her great-auntie suggested

making the characters in her painting monkeys.

Because I love the paired sounds of “marmoset” and “marmalade,”

I decided to do some research on that Southern US treat,

the moon-pie.  Miranda’s butterfly is a monarch,

and Mama Marmoset’s marmalade

is made with beautiful mangoes!


“Zelda” is my 132nd story painting.


Two “Z”-names in a row?  I was stumped.

Then, by sheer chance, I discovered that “fox” in Spanish is “zorro!”

And then I found out about a Brazilian dance called “zouk.”

I’d always wanted to set a painting in Zanzibar, an island off the east coast of Africa,

and Zelda’s commission gave me that chance.  Ole!


“Zadie” is my 130th story painting.


Commissioned by her great grandmother, Zadie’s painting features my first zebra,

though hers is the sixth Z-name I have done in the past 27 years.

I’ve been watching train videos of Switzerland, and so “Zurich” came to mind immediately.

  This beautiful cathedral clock tower is a landmark of that city.

I’ve always loved the word “zeppelin,” though I am not fond of zucchini.

And I was surprised to find out that “zazzle”–the name of the print-on-demand company I use–

is an actual adjective, closely related to “dazzling!”