Recent Story-Paintings

“Ophelia” is my 134th Story-Painting.


I worked with Baby Ophelia’s mother to create this one-of-a-kind story and illustration.

Because I love painting beautiful fabrics and Oriental-inspired designs,

I decided to set the scene in an elegant teahouse.

Opossums, so soft and fuzzy, are always fun to paint.

and I always get a kick out of including

exotic plants in the piece.


“Quinn” is my 135th story painting.


I always learn new things when I begin researching for a story-painting.

With Quinn’s piece, I discovered that “quoits” refers to an

old-fashioned ring-toss game.  I also turned up information on a

variety of plum called “quetsch.”

I’d always wanted to set a painting in Quebec, and it turns out that the

distinctive building in the background is an elegant hotel–

The Frontenac.  Quaint!


“Zadie” is my 130th story painting.


Commissioned by her great grandmother, Zadie’s painting features my first zebra,

though hers is the sixth Z-name I have done in the past 27 years.

I’ve been watching train videos of Switzerland, and so “Zurich” came to mind immediately.

  This beautiful cathedral clock tower is a landmark of that city.

I’ve always loved the word “zeppelin,” though I am not fond of zucchini.

And I was surprised to find out that “zazzle”–the name of the print-on-demand company I use–

is an actual adjective, closely related to “dazzling!”