I’m officially over winter.

I’m also over the hump with this new series, the “Teeny-Tiny ABC’s.”

The “Teeny-Tiny” hump is literally M-shaped. It feels wonderful to be working a few letters on from that pair of sharp summits, making the drawing for the sixteenth letter, “P.” Only “P” plus ten letters remain for me to take Annicka and her woodland companions through late spring, summer, and back into autumn again.

I’ve decided that “P” has to stand for “planting.” The colorful fruit, flowers, and vegetables in the Burpee catalogs showing up in our mailbox are soothing to my winter-weary eyes. We’ve had tons of snow here in our small Montana town.  My husband and I can’t remember the last time our shovel-piles made pyramids chest- high on the boulevards.  And snow-mountains form jagged ranges along both sides of the railroad track a few blocks south where the city crews dump truckloads, clearing the streets.

Actual spring is still, undeniably, a few bitter Montana months away.

In the meantime, these little excursions into Annicka’s world will do.